Offshore and Other Supplemental Services

Regardless why and to what country you are moving to you may need or want additional support from us and from our partners in your destination country.

If you don't plan to move but want to protect your assets, make your business legal restrictions and tax requirements simpler by going offshore, or expand your international travel options then we can offer an expert and strictly confidential assistance.

Below youl'll find the non-exclusive list of our basic but essential offshore and supplemental services we provide to our clients directly and through our partners in all destinations.

Offshore Banking

Moving to, incorporating, setting up a trust or starting a business in one of our destination countries? Making an assets protection plan? You need local offshore bank account or accounts and set up other financial tools.

In today's, post 9/11 world full of anti money laundering rules and laws it may not be easy to even open a personal bank account without acceptable references, proper preparation and some contacts.

Our branch or partner's offices in all our destination countries will assure that getting all banking needs setup is an easy and painless process for all clients using our assistance in their immigration, residency, citizenship or offshore incorporation projects.

Please contact us for more details and make sure to request banking setup assistance with your main service package.

Second Passport

Having a second passport gives enormous benefits to it's holder:

• It expands or, in many cases, allows for international travel, which otherwise would be difficult or impossible,

• It can make it's holder a less likely target for terrorists and kidnappers,

• It provides much more travel privacy,

• It allows holder to reside in the issuing and other countries - for example, the passport from any EU member country (see Cyprus) allows holder to live and work in all EU countries and travel visa-free to hundreds of other countries, while the passport from CARICOM member country (see St. Kitts & Nevis or Dominica) gives the right to live and work in most CARICOM countries and some allow a visa-free travel to over hundred of countries, including EU, Canada, Hong Kong and others,

• It can greatly help with financial planning and estate preservation.

Legal and internationally recognized second passport can be obtained in a matter of few months and without any prior or future residency obligations through one of two citizenship-by-investment programs. It will open the world of free movement for many, allow greater flexibility, tax advantages, privacy and security. Please contact us for more details.

Incorporate offshore or create a trust to protect your assets

Incorporationg or setting up an offshore trust provides great number of benefits:

• assets protection,

• confidentiality and privacy,

• tax advantage,

• running a business from outside of your country's jurisdiction,

• lawsuit and liability protection,

• simplicity (as some offshore juridictions don't require records keeping, income reporting or taxes for profits resulting from operations in other than their own jurisdiction)

Incorporating or setting up a trust offshore requires careful selection of the most advanageous for your needs country. Each jurisdiction has somehow different rules and benefits vary as result. You need professional help if you want to do things right. Please contact us for more details.

Securing the office space or business address

When you incorporate offshore you need a local address and some kind of office for various purposes:

• a local registered agent address for incorporation requirements,

• a mailing address for receiving correspondence, with processing and forwarding capabilities,

• a virtual phone/fax number,

• a virtual office with mail processing and calls answer and/or forwarding,

• a shared office space, if formal office is needed occassionally,

• a regular office space if operations will be run locally and formal office is needed on permanent basis.

You may be new to the country, you may not know local rules, practices and traditions, how the commercial real estate market works, who to talk to, how to select the service provider you need, how to get all services needed - our branches and partners' offices in all destination countries will make your life easier in new destination.

Assistance in finding your new house and in the purchase process

You are moving to your new destination country, on permanent or seasonal basis - you need a house.
We can assit you with the following:

• selecting a right real estate agent, reliable, honest, with verified credentials and satisfactory record - yours, the buyer's agent, to represent and protect your interest, not the seller's,

• recommending the experienced and trustworthy local real estate lawyer - again, to represent your interest,

• finding reliable real estate market data,

• getting the real appraisal of the property you are interested in,

• hiring licensed and reliable home inspection service,

• finding good mortgage broker, if necessary, and an insurance broker,

• connecting all necessary services to your new residence.

Moving to the new country, with real estate laws likely completely different from the ones you know, with different set of finding and buying procedures can be a disaster, an adventure or a pleasant experience - help from our local branch or partner's office will assure the latter.

Providing help with taxation, records keeping and other business services

Even in our current, old country where we likely know a lot of rules to follow we often need professional help of an accountant, tax expert and records keeping compliance expert. But in the new country where we know nothing or not a lot the professional help in those areas is essential and absolutely necessary.

We can help you:

• find a good, experienced and properly licensed local accountant or accounting firm,

• secure help with annual and periodical tax and other financial reports that may be required,

• making sure that you or your business complies with the local records keeping and reporting rules,

• find any other business and financial service you may need in new place.

Setting up your legal, tax and other financial matters, getting health, car, home or other insurance in new country will likely be a huge headache without local help - our branch and partner's offices in your destination will provide you with much needed help.

Securing the door-to-door service of reputable moving company

Your legal immigration process is done, you received your shinning visa and you are ready to physically move, but don't know what to do first and how to proceed from this point forward. Thousands of our clients already have, just like yourself are about to, moved to new countries in past two decades. Many of them provided and keep updating us with their moving and settling experience. Based on their reports and the knowledge of our local branches or partners' offices we can give you a hand with:

• selecting the international mover in your home country, experienced with moving process to your new destination,

• connecting with reliable customs brokers in both, departure and destination country,

• securing bonded warehouse if needed,

• dealing with local services you may need when unpacking and settling down.

You may not need any help with moving, but we are available with our recommendations and our former clients' reports - just in case you need it.

Other, not listed above areas you may need help with

All of the above is only a list of basic, most requested services our clients usually ask for. It is impossible to list here every service that may be needed on the individual basis, as each person, each case, every circumstance is unique and not everything can be covered by one-size-fits-all menu.

Feel free to ask us any questions you may have and request all the help you need or think you may need.

We'll do everything we can and help you with everything we know how, but if there will be anything we cannot help you with we will recommend an expert who can or at least point you in the right direction.

Please contact us for more details.

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