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There are several popular destination countries that offer various Permanent Residency programs through investment or business creation, providing clearly defined path to their Citizenship. Depending from the country the residency may be obtained within 6 to 24+ months, while eligibility for citizenship usually comes after few years of residency.

But there are countries, although only a few, that offer a legal path to their citizenship and internationally recognized passport directly through investment or contribution, without any prior or future residency requirements, all in the matter of few months.

United States of America

The most popular investor immigration program providing a permanent residency (Green Card) in the United States of America and a path to US citizenship is EB-5, in existence since 1992. There are currently over 180 active, government approved EB-5 projects across the United States, open to qualified investors. The eligibility requirements are:

    • investment of US$500,000 plus costs into the approved EB-5 project,

    • both, the investment and costs funds must come from lawful sources,

    • no age restriction,

    • no language requirements,

    • no minimum education or business/management experience requirement,

    • investor and dependants (spouse and dependent children) must pass medical, criminal and background checks.

A Green Card granted through investor program is initially a conditional one, requiring investor to meet investment and job creation requirements within 2 years. EB-5 projects are the one that create jobs, investor subscribing to qualified EB-5 project doesn't need to worry about job creation requirement. Once requirements are met the application for conditions removal can be filed. After 5 years of residency in USA a Green Card holder is eligible to apply for US citizenship.

Due to the popularity of EB-5 program, fact that the law requires the investment to be "at risk" and fact that the number of interested, qualified investors worldwide is almost unlimited some EB-5 projects tend to offer more risky investment options and less sure conditions removal than others. We at™ work only with a few of EB-5 projects at a time, projects with solid track record and fully vetted by our experts, projects we believe provide more secure investment, more safe conditions removal process and clearly defined investment exit strategy.

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United States of America remains the number one dream destination for legal and illegal immigrants from almost every country, immigrants from all ways of life, immigrants with and without skills, immigrants with and without money, immigrants with and without English language proficiency, immigrants who know what to expect and those who have no idea what awaits them at the destination. USA is the multicultural pot, a country of winners and loosers, a country offering unlimited opportunities to those who are not afraid to work hard, but also a country of shattered dreams for those who falsely believed that life in America is easy and income without need for working is guaranteed for everyone.

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