Residency and Citizenship

There are several popular destination countries that offer various Permanent Residency programs through investment or business creation, providing clearly defined path to their Citizenship. Depending from the country the residency may be obtained within 6 to 24+ months, while eligibility for citizenship usually comes after few years of residency.

But there are countries, although only a few, that offer a legal path to their citizenship and internationally recognized passport directly through investment or contribution, without any prior or future residency requirements, all in the matter of few months.

New Zealand

New Zealand offers two Migrant Investor categories. The Investor Plus category requires NZ$10 million invested in New Zealand for 3 years and has very little restrictions. But the most popular and asking for substantially lower investment amount is the Investor category that requires:

    • applicant to be not older than 65,

    • minimum 3 years of qualified business experience,

    • NZ$1.5 million invested in New Zealand for 4 years,

    • NZ$1 million in settlement funds (transfer of these funds to NZ is not required),

    • at least basic English language proficiency,

    • 146 days in New Zealand during each of last 3 years of 4-years investment period,

    • applicant and his/her dependants must pass health and background checks.

New Zealand's permanent residents are eligible to apply for NZ citizenship after 5 years of residency.

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New Zealand is among top 5 immigration destinations. Stable economy and political system, mild maritime climate, incredible scenery, healthy environment, great sandy beaches and winter skiing resorts in relatively close proximity to major urban areas are a strong magnet for tourists and permanent migrants alike.

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