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With the rapidly approaching tsunami of retiring baby boomers (over 80 million in USA and Canada alone), many who can't afford to retire in USA, Canada or Western Europe are planning to move South, mainly to Central and South American countries. They require safe environment, modern and inexpensive health care as well as standard of living they are used to, among other factors.

Several of those retirement destinations perfectly meet the requirements of baby boomers, each country is unique with it's own flavor and advantages, each fits different taste and expectations.


Mexico offers 2 different Rentista visas for foreigners living off their recurring income from abroad - the FM3, a Non-Immigrant visa renewable each year, up to 4 times; and FM2, an Immigrant visa. Each visa type requires different income level to be documented - at present the requirements are:

    • For a Non-Immigrant FM3 visa - at least US$1,500 per month;

    • For the Immigrant FM2 visa - at least US$2,500 per month.

The FM2 Immigrant visa is issued with the 1-year validity and can be renewed 4 times. After 5 years immigrant can either apply for inmigrado status (permanent resident) or for Mexican citizenship.

Applicant or his/her authorized agent must go to the INM (Instituto Nacional de Migración) office to present completed and signed forms with required documents and proper identification. When visa is pre-approved and ready to be issued the applicant must attend the interview in INM office - at the end of the interview applicant receives the FM2 or FM3 card, as applied for.

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Mexico with it's rich history and culture, great beach resorts and historical tourist attractions has been for decades the main tourist destination for Americans and Canadians alike. Now it is also the #1 destination in Latin America for Americans, Canadians, Europeans and Asians who want to move permanently to a place offering good quality of life, better climate and environment at much lower cost.

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