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With the rapidly approaching tsunami of retiring baby boomers (over 80 million in USA and Canada alone), many who can't afford to retire in USA, Canada or Western Europe are planning to move South, mainly to Central and South American countries. They require safe environment, modern and inexpensive health care as well as standard of living they are used to, among other factors.

Several of those retirement destinations perfectly meet the requirements of baby boomers, each country is unique with it's own flavor and advantages, each fits different taste and expectations.


Chile offers an easy to obtain Retirement and Income visas to applicants who can prove a regular recurring income - there is no fixed amount of income requirement, depending from the destination within Chile the recurring income must be between US$500 and US$1,000+ per person. Examples of acceptable sources of such income are:

    • government or private pension;

    • social security;

    • rental income from real estate;

    • long term contracts;

    • interest income;

    • annuities.

After 5 years of residency person may apply for Chilean citizenship.

Applicants should come to Chile as tourists first and then to change their status to a temporary resident by applying for Retirement or Income visa. Once application is filed person may remain in the country without need to renew visa, until the application process is concluded.

There is no requirement to be actually retired or be in the retirement age, just as with similar types of visas in other of our "retirement" destinations. Everyone, even young families with children can apply for this type of visa. The basic requirement is to have a documented regularly recurring income sufficient enough to support applicant's and his/her dependents' cost of living in Chile.

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Chile is a very stable, safe and corruption free country. Chile and Uruguay are ranked in top 20 corruption free countries in the world, at the same level as France and USA, accordingly to 2011 Corruption Index listing 183 countries. Chile recently became the first South American OECD member. With the lowest income tax among all OECD countries, with first class and affordable health system Chile is rapidly developing into a first world country.

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