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With the rapidly approaching tsunami of retiring baby boomers (over 80 million in USA and Canada alone), many who can't afford to retire in USA, Canada or Western Europe are planning to move South, mainly to Central and South American countries. They require safe environment, modern and inexpensive health care as well as standard of living they are used to, among other factors.

Several of those retirement destinations perfectly meet the requirements of baby boomers, each country is unique with it's own flavor and advantages, each fits different taste and expectations.


Argentina has 3 categories of initially temporary residence visas for independent (not family or employer sponsored) immigrants wishing to move permanently to the country, with basic requirements as follows:

    • an Investor (Inversionista) - investment of AR$ 1.5 million in a productive enterprise in Argentina;

    • a Financier (Rentista) - this is the most flexible category, requiring proof of a guaranteed, recurring and transferable to Argentina income of at least AR$ 8,500 per month;

    • a Pensioner/Retiree (Pensionado) - proof of recurring and transferable to Argentina pension or retirement benefits from government or private plan.

After residing in Argentina for 3 consecutive years (2 years for nationals of other Mercosur countries) with temporary residence visa applicant becomes eligible to apply for permanent resident status.

Applications should be filed in Argentina with assistance of experienced immigration lawyer, as the process of applying through the consular office outside Argentina will take several years, compared to just few months when filed by our lawyer directly in the immigration office in Argentina.

Please contact us for more details.

Argentina with it's temperate, although diverse climate (ranging from sub-tropical in the north to sub-polar in the south), it's biodiversity and rich environment, it's history of independence and rich culture was for centuries one of the main destination of immigrants from Europe. Now, with it's European flavor and architecture Argentina is also a very desired destination not only for Europeans but also for rapidly increasing numbers of Americans and Canadians.

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