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Want to move permanently to, invest or retire in another country, establish offshore company or trust, set up offshore bank account, obtain second citizenship and passport?

Any, some, or all of the above?

Tell us what you need and we'll provide you with custom tailored to your needs set of solutions in the highly professional and strictly confidential manner.
We provide full, professional assistance in safe and successfull navigation through the legal jungle of numerous international residence and offshore programs.

We have well qualified, experienced and locally licensed lawyers in all destination countries providing our clients with the best advice, consulting and desired results in all matters related to the leading offshore, residence, citizenship and retirement visa programs available today.
Our firm, A. MILLER & Associates, Inc., provided wide spectrum of business immigration and related offshore services to thousands of satisfied clients from around the world since 1991. In the past 2 decades we offered different programs through separate websites. Today majority of our customers usually need assistance with more than one program and prefer to find all what they need under one roof, from one service provider. In early 2011 we established™ as our firm's trademark, consolidated all our services and programs into a single website to better serve our customers and we continue to provide our assistance under this consolidated brand since.

Our team of experienced in international migration matters lawyers, consultants and former immigration officers with outstanding support of our locally licensed lawyers in all destination countries assist our clients successfully reach their goals, no matter how hard or impossible to reach they may initially sound.
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